Premier WordPress Themes: do they have a destructive result on ranking?

Premier WordPress Themes: do they have a destructive result on ranking?


Premier WordPress Themes may be adversely affecting Download Speeds and Positioning

If your website is not on the first page of the Google results pages for the keywords targeted, potential new clients and site visitors will absolutely not discover you. From 2014, more people use mobile devices than actual computers. People and online search engines have again been affected by download speeds which feed right into quality scores in addition to positioning.

Premier WordPress Themes offer numerous features to streamline quality web page production and they could integrate a selection of plugins. Unavoidably, some of the functions might not be made use of on an internet site however they have a destructive effect on download speeds and also for that reason positions.

There are a number of websites that can offer testing of download speeds for web pages. Pingdom is among them. Download and install rates of sites firstly with premium themes then with lite themes can be analyzed.

Testing with Pingdom could reduce the average page size by 0.3 Mb. So altering from premium themes to lite themes can be very beneficial.

There are more than 200 indicators that count towards first page positioning on Google and they can easily be put into 4 groups:

1. Relevance

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To be suitable for a keyword search, your key phrases that you may have found with the help of a keyword tool, should be in the body of the text and also in the underlying coding consisting of the Page Title, the header tags and the alt tags. Including keyword phrases in the anchor text of incoming links also has a beneficial impact on significance.

A great business networking group in Essex could utilize keywords like recommendations, networking seminars and word of mouth marketing and putting these key phrases in the underlying code and headers in addition to the body of the text will definitely push the website up in the Google rankings.

2. Authority or Credibility

Initially, Google integrated incoming links to affect positions. The power of each web link depends on the authority of the contributing website along with the variety of outgoing web links on that specific page. Google does still use PageRank in the ranking algorithm but since December 2013 it does not give PageRank updates to the public. Moz Page as well as Domain Authority scores are the most efficient conveniently offered authority metrics.

3. Quality Rating

Websites that provide a terrific user experience are flagged to the search engines by the great length of time users spend on the internet site, the reduced bounce rates as well as the decreased return for further website referrals for the very same keyword. Pages that are enticing and offer high quality data will absolutely have excellent quality scores. Internet sites that download gradually will have a lower quality score and also lower rankings.

4. Digital Influence

It is usually acknowledged that websites with routine posts and linked Social Media commonly have higher positions on Google compared to those that do not.

A website focusing on women’s health issues like pregnancy, childbirth or the menopause could have regular posts about specific issues like amenorrhea or endometriosis and this would help to boost the website on the search engine results pages.

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Links to related medical websites, doctor’s support groups or NCAS would also move the website up in the rankings.