Keywords along with Keyword Difficulty – Part 1

Keywords along with Keyword Difficulty – Part 1

A keyword is a word or phrase that might be written in search boxes (search terms) on online search engines such as Google.

Every business would ideally like to see their website on the first page of Google.

To be on the first page, you need to discover specific niche keywords that are optimal for your website. A particular niche keyword or phrase can be specified as one that has a higher than average search volume for the targeted location of a site that has the chance of getting on to the first page of the Google results pages for that country.

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A builder doing loft conversions in St Albans might have a website with photographs of recent renovation work showing Dormer conversions or Velux roof extensions and using these phrases as keywords could help the website to get to the first page of the Google results and may bring in new customers.



Limit Browse Volume

The limit search amount that is satisfactory for a site is reliant upon its target market. A worldwide reporting site may pick a limit search amount of 1000 searches monthly prior to developing a site focused on a particular keyword phrase. For example, Wikipedia is inclined to target short-tail keywords (only a small number of words).

A website trying to find clients within a specific area could think the ROI is acceptable for creating a website based upon keywords that might possibly deliver one extra customer monthly.

Area or Place

Searches covering a specific area have become the fastest broadening market online – currently this is approximated at 12%. A search that includes an area has a greater chance of winning business on company websites.

When you search for the particular niche keyword or phrase for websites in a certain location, you require details concerning the number of searches in the area and also an analysis of the competitors for the online search engines there. As well as having the biggest complimentary search data source, the Google keyword research tool gives both global and nationwide monthly search quantities.

A firm of accounting professionals in Essex may therefore think of making use of keywords that include an area like VAT returns Loughton, double-entry bookkeeping Woodford or tax advice Chigwell and this would help with internet marketing.


Being within the first 10 results on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Very few internet surfers will click on an internet site that is not within the top 10 results on the SERPs. 42% of surfers will click on the first website in the list, however only 0.7% of surfers will pick the 11th website and even less, only 0.07% will select the fortieth internet site. To put it simply, if the leading website for a keyword has 600 site visitors, the 11th internet site will just receive 10 website visitors and the 41st website will only get 1 visitor. This suggests that websites that are not within the first 10 placements on the Google results pages will not receive much new website traffic.

The Keyword Search Amounts and Keyword Difficulty Steadiness

There is no value in targeting keywords that have no searches. The Google Keyword Planner can give you the amount of searches every month for a list of key phrases.


It is also of no value to target search phrases where the competition is incredibly high and a small to medium sized company would never be able to get near the top of Google – the keyword difficulty is too great.

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A small company dealing with antiques online would find that the keyword antiques is way too competitive and there would be no way of reaching the top of Google with this – keywords that are more likely to be achievable would be things like Staffordshire pottery figures, Wedgwood bowls or Blue and White Transfer Ware.