4 Explanations why Content Marketing and Regional SEO should Mix

4 Explanations why Content Marketing and Regional SEO should Mix

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of helping to optimize pages on an internet site to ensure that the website is ranked near the top of Google with a high page authority so that individuals can find the website easily when searching for target key phrases.

Regional SEO is a strategy of optimizing websites for regional results – if your business is based in London, an SEO strategy might focus either on North London or on South London and a prospective customer looking for your product in North London might see that your website will be placed near the top of Google.

Divorce - DIVORCE COURT Full Episode Thomas vs. Brookins YT430A firm of family lawyers in North London might target keywords like divorce solicitors in North London, conveyancing in Barnet or legal matters in Edgware to help promote them to the top of Google.

Similarly a firm of litigation solicitors in South London might target keywords like comprehensive legal representation South London, civil litigation experts in Wimbledon or consumer and debt litigation Vauxhall and by focusing on South London, the solicitors in South London are more likely to rank highly on Google for those keywords.

Content marketing is a strategy for developing beneficial material that is generated to encourage possible clients to check out your website with the intent of gaining new business.

Whilst both methods are often discussed independently, content marketing and a regional SEO technique do go well together. Here are 4 reasons why integrating them might offer the best outcomes:

  1. Develop a Blog site

Developing a blog website is among the most crucial aspects of content marketing and a great deal of companies that have a strong online presence will most definitely blog frequently. Professionals in SEO and keyword analysis might explain that a blog website is your “trump card”, nonetheless, while developing a blog website can be a superb means to maximize a website in your area for search engine goals and it can also provide website visitors with exceptional material, the results from maintaining a blog site can take a while to accomplish, so blogging requires a solid dedication.

dyslexia - coloured overlays - ALL ABOUT MY DYSLEXIA YTAn optician specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia and Meares Irlen Syndrome may have a blog site that they post regular reviews to each day on various subjects like tinted overlays, irlen filters or dyslexia tests and whilst it might take a while to see the benefit in terms of website promotion, it is certainly worthwhile.


  1. Social networking

If your company doesn’t use social networking as a means of relating to your audience and generating brand-new clients, you are losing out on a significant SEO benefit: social media websites can be essential for establishing a brand name together with improving a regional SEO technique. It is part of your digital footprint. You don’t have to be constantly updating information on social networking sites, but sending out routine tweets as well as updates could help to boost your business and its presence on the internet.

  1. Pictures and Video clips

Content is not simply made up of text; content contains everything on a website regarding a firm or its website. Photos together with videos are two of the most vital types of material, yet they both get forgotten by businesses. Pictures and videos produce a massive target audience when title tags along with alt tags are enhanced with terrific keyword expressions with a local focus and both can improve web online search engine positions. Make sure that the alt tags refer to the subject you are blogging about for pictures and also if you are blogging about a certain area, you could include a picture of that location.

  1. Boost Online Reviews

If you want to focus on local SEO, you must be expanding online reviews along with providing your clients with outstanding bargains. Inspire consumers to leave testimonials about your business or your products on your website. The more testimonials you have, the higher your business will be placed when a particular search is carried out for your services and products in your area.

In January 2015, Jason Demers in Forbes Magazine said that the biggest problem with regional SEO projects is variation. Demers clarifies that he’s not defining differences in a post or in the branding; simply the variations that might be different with regard to regional SEO like your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

Google and other online search engines utilize a company’s NAP to locate your company, which will help the online search engines to find it when an item you supply is searched for. When there are differences in the contact details, your position on online search engines might go down. Thus, you ought to go through your content and make sure that your contact details are the same throughout the website.

In summary, developing a blog site is an essential component of content marketing and also a lot of businesses that have a broad online presence will certainly blog regularly. Your blog website has in fact been described as your secret weapon for regional SEO. If your firm isn’t actually making use of social media sites as a means of connecting with your target market, you are losing an important SEO advantage; social networks can be vital for building a brand as well as boosting a local SEO initiative. Content is not just composed of words; content is everything that’s generated, sent or published about a company. If you concentrate on local SEO, you should be boosting testimonials along with supplying your consumers with remarkable offers.