Business Doctor: February 28

Business Doctor: February 28

What do I need to bear in mind to ensure that I comply with employment law? One of the most important things to consider when changing terms is what the law says about employees’ entitlement, writes Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula. Some terms …See all stories on this topic

Singles are swiping right for would-be dates with these jobs

Represent! On the other hand, the favored job titles of gents looked a bit more like a list of possible role play options: pilots, firefighters, doctors, engineers (hey, it could be someone’s fantasy), and paramedics all landed in the top 10. With 26 …See all stories on this topic

Battle rages over Florida law limiting doctors' gun speech

Doctors such as Schaechter believe a discussion about guns is essential to child safety. “A doctor has to be able to ask,” said Schaechter, who is chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “We do this for …See all stories on this topic

Coolest Jobs You've Never Heard Of: Directing The Oscars

“Let me get this straight: so you get paid to do this for a living?” There are jobs we all know: doctor, lawyer, banker. Then there are jobs we never knew existed. Ones that blur lines between passion and profession. And make us wonder why we’d get p …See all stories on this topic

John Haggie not treating management problems at Central Health, say doctors

However, doctors maintain they are not being respected or listened to. “A lot of things are going downhill. We have all been told we have no authority to be able to fix anything,” said Ong. “Go find a job somewhere else,” is her advice to other doctors.See all stories on this topic

UK turns to India to fill doctors, nurses vacancies

to give UK and European medics priority in the UK job market. “It will be very unfortunate as the NHS is already suffering from huge shortage of doctors and unwise regulations will only create further problems,” Mehta noted. According to the latest figures …See all stories on this topic

These Jobs Will Get You Swiped-Right On Tinder

These Jobs Will Get You Swiped-Right On Tinder

The list included the top 15 jobs that cause a swiping frenzy among members of the opposite sex. Besides pilots – entrepreneurs, firefighters, doctors and TV/radio personalities are the most desired by females. And men find physical therapists …See all stories on this topic

The Coroner, Father Brown and Doctors recommissioned for BBC One Daytime

Doctors has been recommissioned for a further two years … BBC Worldwide and BBC Drama Production have done a fantastic job with Father Brown. To have consistently high viewing figures year on year is phenomenal. It’s a real gem of a programme and …See all stories on this topic

Consultant Job Breast Radiology South Coast

In-depth knowledge of the Doctors sector We have real knowledge and understanding of every individual medical specialty we supply in to and endeavour to place every candidate into jobs which will best match their skills and experience. Crown Commercial …See all stories on this topic

Brown Fat Transplants Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome In Rats

AsianScientist (Feb. 26, 2016) – Brown fat, which has been touted to help in weight loss and diabetes management, has now also been shown to alleviate symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Working with rats with experimentally-induced PCOS, a team …See all stories on this topic

Non-profit: 'We need to know more about what causes of ovarian cancer'

or have polycystic ovary syndrome, may have an increased risk of ovarian cancer. The disease is seen most often in women ages 50 to 60, though it can occur at any age. The Mayo Clinic also says women who use estrogen hormone replacement therapy long-term …See all stories on this topic

No takers for $400,000-a-year job in New Zealand

A New Zealand doctor is having a difficult time filling a position that … reports the New Zealand Herald. The job comes with an annual salary of $400,000 in local currency, or around $267,000 in U.S. currency, 3 months of vacation, and a weekday schedule …See all stories on this topic

Editorial: Family leave proposal deserves look, but could prove too costly

Editorial: Family leave proposal deserves look, but could prove too costly

The proposal, being floated in the legislature, would act as complement to the federal Family and Medical Leave law, whereby an employee-sponsored fund would pay 100 percent of an employee’s salary for 12 weeks to take care of a sick family member …See all stories on this topic

Cop chief Gaudett’s new job may break law

But the Contracts Committee’s agenda, published Monday, said Gaudett’s employment will be defined under “professional services,” meaning he will be a contractor. City Attorney R. Christopher Meyer said Gaudett’s position will be part of a …See all stories on this topic

Court rules against Ohio false statement campaign law

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A federal appeals court is calling unconstitutional an Ohio law barring people from knowingly or recklessly making false statements about candidates. The Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group, has contended the Ohio statute …See all stories on this topic

Joint ventures with Air Asia, Singapore Airlines fully compliant with Indian law: Tata Sons

NEW DELHI: Reacting to accusations from rivals that it is “subverting law” of the land, Tata Sons today said both … who have captured 70% of the international traffic with India, taking Indian jobs and revenue with them. This has also resulted in poor …See all stories on this topic

Family of burglary victim asks Boca council to step up security at city cemetery

Now, instead of taking time to console one another, Sanchez and her family are taking her widowed sister-in-law to the bank to put a hold on her accounts and to the Department of Motor Vehicles to replace her license. While visiting her husband at the Boca …See all stories on this topic

Detroit Medical Cannabis Dispensary Fights New Marijuana Laws That Penalize For It For Gratiot Street Location

(Photo : Credit: Pacific Press / Contributor) A law regulating the market for this plant, production (… Caption:MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY – 2015/01/24: A law regulating the market for this plant, production (which will be controlled by the state), marketing …See all stories on this topic

Why you can’t dial a phone, read a book or escape a monster in your dreams

Why you can’t dial a phone, read a book or escape a monster in your dreams

And I think the reason for that is a very “duh!” obvious answer, which is that you can’t dial the telephone because there’s not actually a phone there. It’s just in your head. And to keep that complicated representation of where the numbers are …See all stories on this topic

Assistant professor at WSU charged with $8M in research fraud

An assistant professor at Washington State University has been … “to then be distributed for the defendants’ personal use, and not the technology development represented in their grant applications,” the statement said. The charges carry a maximum …See all stories on this topic

Letter: Stop the political phone calls

I was forced to shut off my phone ringer, answering machine and caller I.D. on my satellite dish that showed the numerous incoming calls on my TV screen, which in turn stopped me from getting calls about my advertisement to sell a few things.See all stories on this topic

Tony Blair's stash of private letters and the blonde assistant who drove Cherie mad with jealousy (and is pictured here with her hands on the former PM's back)

Just months after the 1997 General Election that swept Tony Blair to power, rivalries, jealousies and personal insecurities were plaguing … and had worked for him as an intimate assistant since 1994. Unfortunately, Cherie discovered an old collection …See all stories on this topic

Tired of smartphones? 'Lola Lamour' has the truly vintage answer, Bakelite home phones – and they're increasing in value

Phone customers are realising that despite investing hundreds … ‘The only downside is when you get put through to an automated answer machine that asks you to press numbers to connect you to a department. You are then stopped in your tracks – and …See all stories on this topic

Justice Department lawyer admitted improperly sending sensitive information to her personal email account

The report does not name the attorney, but does identify her as an assistant U.S. attorney handling civil matters … the inspector general reviewed records from government-issued and personal phones, government email accounts and “personal email accounts …See all stories on this topic

Justice Dept. Lawyer Caught Using Personal Email to Send Sensitive Government Work

Justice Dept. Lawyer Caught Using Personal Email to Send Sensitive Government Work

Summary: An assistant U.S. attorney in Texas was found to be sending sensitive work to her unsecure personal email account, mirroring the issue Hillary Clinton is dealing with. Hillary Clinton is not the only one in hot water over using a personal email …See all stories on this topic

FBI chief says phone may hold key to terrorists’ missing minutes

“The answer to that may on the device,” Comey told members of … “There may well be other cases that involve the same kind of phone and same kind of operating system.” The dispute between Apple and the Justice Department is part of a larger …See all stories on this topic

The Bold And The Beautiful' spoilers for Feb 25: Steffy talks to Liam on the phone

Quinn opens the teaser as she talks to someone on the phone. “I always knew that it was going to work … Liam draws a blank, clearly indicating that the answer is no. Zende and Nicole are shown on the next part of the video as they drink champagne.See all stories on this topic

Labor claims DHS telephone and IT systems ‘collapsing’

Labor claimed Centrelink has responded to criticism of call-answering delays, not by improving customer … s report was to let people know how long they’ll be on the phone for,” he said, “and yet people can’t even find that out when they call …See all stories on this topic

Virginia mom knocks assistant principal unconscious, police say

Reader comments on are the opinions of the writer, not The Salt Lake Tribune. We will delete comments containing obscenities, personal attacks and inappropriate or offensive remarks. Flagrant or repeat violators will be banned. If you see an …See all stories on this topic

Staff running 999 phone service votes to strike after toilet break row

Staff operating the 999 emergency call answering service have voted strongly in favour of industrial action, up to and including strike action, in a dispute over pay and trade union recognition. The Communications Workers’ Union said the staff were …See all stories on this topic

Businesswoman, Police Warn Of Fake IRS Phone Scam

Businesswoman, Police Warn Of Fake IRS Phone Scam

Tax and other scams are back with a vengeance. Last Friday, Casper businesswoman Marjorie Clark’s phone rang, but she didn’t recognize the number. Clark didn’t answer, but did listen to the voice recording. “There was a woman speaking who did not …See all stories on this topic

Living in the future: x.AI, the robot secretary that lives in your laptop, an artificial personal assistant called Amy that can reply to emails, schedule your lunch dates and manage your calendars, surely we are living in the future? The world of technology never sleeps with new developments appearing more frequently than …See all stories on this topic

iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL #ExpressReview: Giant phone that no one needs

Is the fate of iBall Gorgeo 4GL set for failure too? We try to answer that in our review First and the most important thing to bear in mind is that iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL is a phone first, and that too a giant phone. You can do text and calls just like …See all stories on this topic

Telephone Triage Deflects ED Visits to Oncologists' Offices

The first step toward implementing the triage system was to dedicate a single telephone number to be used by patients in what investigators called the patient access center. In that access center, nonclinical personnel were available to answer patient calls.See all stories on this topic

The FBI-Apple Battle Is About Much More Than One Phone

When you want Apple to open the phone for you, reset your password so you can get into it, you have to be able to prove who you are, more than with your credit card, more than with conventional identification data, you have to answer certain questions that …See all stories on this topic

Netflix has the answer for those who want to watch TV on two screens

A Netflix watcher who uses his or her phone to send the content to the TV will get supplemental … Jessica Smith, research analyst for BI Intelligence, has the answer. Smith has compiled a detailed report on streaming media devices that sizes up this …See all stories on this topic

13-Year-Old Girl Sustains Serious Burns From Cell Phone

13-Year-Old Girl Sustains Serious Burns From Cell Phone

This is not the first time a consumer has been seriously harmed as a result of using a cell phone while charging it. In 2013, a Chinese woman was electrocuted after answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was plugged into the charger, CNET reported at …See all stories on this topic

29 Years Ago: How Technology Makes Us Obnoxious

That may seem a harsh indictment for such seemingly innocuous creations as the telephone answering machine, boom box radio-cassette player, and talking computer chip in automobiles. But they are relatively cheap to manufacture and insinuate themselves into …See all stories on this topic

Ga. guards, inmates indicted in telephone scam

“Your radar needs to go up when you get these calls,” said Hickman. “Do not provide any financial information to anyone over the phone.” Hickman also advises people not to answer any type of questions from callers. Instead he says you should ask the caller …See all stories on this topic

Robbie Williams and wife being sued for harassment claims

The allegations have been made by a previous personal assistant of the 42-year-old singer and his wife. The man, Gilles De Bonfilhs has alleged that he was sexually harassed by 36-year-old actor Field and that Williams did nothing to stop it. He has also …See all stories on this topic

Put the phone down: Britons really ARE addicted to their mobiles

We increasingly rely on our phones to be a personal assistant Katie Lomas, Direct Line Home Insurance Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, said: “This study really does show how attached our customers are to their smartphones, as users …See all stories on this topic

Personal Assistant to the Vice President Europe/ Canada

Committed to excellence, we are currently looking to recruit a highly motivated individual to join our International Sales Team, located in Salzburg (Austria), as Assistant to the Vice President Sales (m/f).See all stories on this topic

Here’s Why Your Period Is Late, Missing, Or Weird

Here’s Why Your Period Is Late, Missing, Or Weird

So if you have any other symptoms to go with your period problems, definitely tell your doctor about that. Polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis are two conditions that can definitely affect your periods, typically making them heavier, longer …See all stories on this topic

We back our junior doctors – not MPs, says Barrie Hudson

Our opinions about junior doctors might stem from … which would have most normal people hallucinating beasties climbing the wall and calling an employment lawyer. (d) Doing all of the above for the sort of yearly cash sum that many politicians would …See all stories on this topic

UW does poor job reporting results of its medical trials, study says

Leading academic medical centers across the U.S. — including the University of Washington and the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) — have a poor record of reporting results from clinical trials, leaving patients and doctors with a potentially …See all stories on this topic

Gov. Scott meets with local doctors

Gov. Scott meets with local doctors ov. Rick Scott on Wednesday popped into Melbourne and met with a number of physicians to talk jobs, the local economy and, of course, health care. Check out this story on all stories on this topic

Teen accused of impersonating doctor, stealing from patient

He told her he was a doctor of homeopathic medicine, the report said, and explained that he had a medical doctor on staff to prescribe antibiotics. She signaled other detectives who entered the office and arrested him. Detectives also cited the case of …See all stories on this topic

Doctors, nurses of Wa Regional Hospital demonstrate over appointment of new head

Doctors and nurses at the Wa Regional hospital are demonstrating … They, [health workers] alleged that Dr. Gandao refused a job offer at the hospital when the hospital was in dire need of a gynaecologist. Joy News’ Rafiq Salam reports that some …See all stories on this topic

The $400,000 smalltown job that no one wants

The $400,000 smalltown job that no one wants

Photo / Mike Scott A Tokoroa doctor is struggling to fill a job that offers a young GP the potential to earn an eye-watering $400,000-plus a year – and he will even chuck in half his practice for free. The desperate doctor took to online job sites at the …See all stories on this topic

PCOS treatment: Polycystic ovary syndrome reversed through brown fat transplant

Polycystic ovary syndrome has been reversed through a brown fat transplant in rats, raising hope of a future treatment for humans with the condition. PCOS is one of the most common endocrine diseases in women of reproductive age – between 9% and 18% of …See all stories on this topic

4 months no period

My last period started November 8 and pasted 5 days. My periods are about 1-2 off since I had my daughter in Jan 2014 but I thought it was due to my PCOS I was told I had in 2007. I have never totally missed periods and not been pregnant. I have taken …See all stories on this topic

Fraction of top doctors educated at state school

Only a sixth of senior doctors and one in ten leading barristers were educated at comprehensive schools, an analysis has found. Access to prestigious jobs has barely improved in a generation, with the proportion of privately educated professionals changing …See all stories on this topic

It pays over $400,000 a year and offers three month’s holiday but no one wants this job

IT seems like a dream job with all the benefits but no one is taking up the offer. A doctor’s surgery in Tokoroa in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island has advertised for a new doctor but after four months hasn’t had a single response …See all stories on this topic

'Incredible' €250k job with three months' holiday – that nobody wants

… down to the perception that being a rural practitioner is a dead end job. “I love my work and I would like to stay but I hit my head against a brick wall trying to attract doctors”, he said. Reynolds said contributing factors to the rural GP shortage …See all stories on this topic

How to take the benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion services

How to take the benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion services

For taking the real benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion services, it is an exceptional choice to contact the reputed PSDToWordPressExpert team. 19-Feb-2016- USA – The real benefits through PSD to WordPress conversion services can easily be achieved by …See all stories on this topic

Information Builders Announces iWay Hadoop Data Manager for Data Lake Creation and Management

Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and data integration solutions, announced iWay Hadoop Data Manager, a modern, native approach to Hadoop-based data integration and management that aims to ensure high levels of capability, compatibility, and flexibility.See all stories on this topic

China: Pakistan's Friend or Foe?

The writer is pursuing his MPhil at Iqra University Islamabad. He blogs at and can be reached at @imrankhushaal or imrankhushaalraja@gmail.comSee all stories on this topic

Users View Influencer Content Nearly Seven Times Longer Than Digital Display Ads

Collective Bias, a provider of shopper-focused influencer marketing, revealed new data from its Time on Content feature, an indicator of the relevancy and quality of influencer content. Through Time on Content, the company found that consumers view their influencer content for an average duration of two minutes and eight seconds, which is almost seven times longer than the digital display ad average of 19.2 seconds based on viewability standards as measured by Moat Analytics. During the holidays, time spent with influencer content increased to two minutes and 21 seconds.See all stories on this topic

10 Tips for Reducing the Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site

A ‘Bounce Rate‘ is simply the percentage of users who visit your site and then navigate away after viewing just a single page. You can make use of Google Analytics to determine the bounce rate of your site and therefore the percentage of users that are …See all stories on this topic

Smartest techies in the world

Some of the smartest people on earth work in the technology field, and are known for developing cool technologies like self-driving cars and reusable rockets. South African-born Elon Musk is one of the most respected technology CEOs, with prolific …See all stories on this topic