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Google First Page – Why do you need to be on the First Page of Google?

Google 90percent searches globally karmasnack

  1. Google has almost a 90% share of the Internet search engine market (Karmasnack – data is measured against global website traffic reported by Compete, Nielsen-Net, Alexa, seoMoz, StatsCounter and GlobalStats.
  2. 95% of searchers only click on webpages on the first Google results page.

    first page google positioning CTR
    first page google positioning CTR

  3. Searches on Google are increasing more than with the other search engines.Google-searches-billions-yearly-increasing


Top page positioning of a webpage for a keyword on Google depends on:

  • Relevance – The content of the page. Read more about the content of a webpage on our sister website.
  • Reputation – Authority or Popularity – which is determined by the backlinks from other websites.

Does your proposed website have potential to be top of Google? KeywordSEOPro™ software program can analyse the necessary data in minutes and more importantly, give you realistic probabilities based on statistical evidence.

Being on the first page of Google is determined by various factors which includes the Google Algorithm:

a) The PageRank (as devised by Larry Page) of your Home Page and the PageRank for the URL.
b) When the HomePage of your website is competing for a keyword, it receives a boost to its PageRank.

Google First Page – How does KeywordSEOPro™ work?

• Analyses specific keywords and the Keyword Difficulty (up to 100) for PageRank (of the HomePage) and URL of the top 10 competing websites
• Provides a statistical chart which demonstrates how a boost to a HomePage can be achieved when competing for keywords
• Helps you to choose, the best Google domain name
• Has consideration for back-links and subsequent link juice. For example, websites which have high PageRanks and enough recognised authority which would benefit the recipient by a back-link

For more elaboration and statistical evidence to support the benefits of KeywordSEOPro™ – please see website:

David Viniker has researched the complicated process which facilitates top positioning on Google. Based on statistic analysis which substantiates the software’s theories and evidence, he has patented a software program solution, which has simplified the process into a user-friendly white hat program which is quick, efficient and concise.

Ensuring YOU are always in control of the best SEO keywords and therefore maximising your new website’s potential to be No. 1 on Google…

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First Page of Google – Useful Sources

first page of GoogleFirst Page of Google – The Importance of Total Page Reputation

Google First Page – Keyword SEOPro assess averaged Total Page Reputations of the webpages on the first page of Google